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I worked on Wolfenstein: The new order as an FX Artist and again mostly amplifying moods, setting the setting and helping out with Technical lighting in idTech 5.

Great teams make great games.

I worked on Brothers: A tale of two sons as an FX artist, mainly amplifying moods and creating the desired environmental feeling.

It was a pleasure working with the team and Josef Fares.

I worked on Syndicate as both a Props Artist and as FX Artist.

It was my first released title and I am proud of the work I put into it on those last final months.

Additional Art

Art in here might be personal or a part of a tutorial, part of a smaller or bigger project etc.

Me, Mathias and Gustav worked on a small ios project for a few weeks

Unannounced IOS Project

Art created when I was studying PlaygroundSquad 2007-2009

Old Art

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Johan Karlsson 2015 |